OC; It’s Problem and View

Oc or the shortened version of original character are something that most people in Fandom and their related work has known of for as long as fandom works has existed.

OC in general considered by some people to be fresh breath to the works of fanfiction and the likes because in some case, the characteristics of protagonist/antagonist/etc of the original content of what the fanfiction based of is not suited to the imagination of the author, and also the author are more likely to not making the character being OOC (Out of Character) in their works because many reasons.

For me, OC gave me mixed feelings for it, especially in fandom related written works. On one hand, when I write or make fanfiction, most of what I used for main character is OC, they are flexible, is wild card of the story and can make me avoid making the character based of that fanfiction OOC too much. But on the other hand, I severely dislike OC use because in my opinion many stories who’s used that are mostly lazy or unoriginal.

How so? Because in so many cases where I stumbled upon main character OC in so many fanfiction, the idea of using it are… Similar. Mirror like and all.

Oh, not all of the stories who’s used OC are horrible. And some stories with OC, while the idea behind that stories is not exactly new, the authors actually making their own spin and plot twist that’s actually make me satisfied or at least don’t make me rolling my eyes at the cheesiness of it.

But, some of the ones that I am accidentally stumbled upon is like what I said before. Similar to the point of mirror-likeness, boring and predictable.

And before I say some of the reason why and how that’s stories who I stumbled upon is bad, I just wanted to say that everyone has different view of what’s make good story or bad story. Everyone has different tastes of what they like or no in the story they read. So, not everyone probably agree about  some of the point that i would show. This just my thoughts and opinions, that’s all.

1. Don’t judge the books by the cover. I actually trying to be this type of person and actually trying something before I say that’s I don’t like. But man, sometimes it’s difficult to do that when you read the same kind of summary of story, again and again.

I know that making summary that actually wouldn’t include all the points of your story and manage to gain the suspense and interest of the people is hard, but it doesn’t tell me about why most people with OC story, especially female OC, has the same format. You can actually research this or what to see if I am wrong or not but most of that stories has the same format of summary that I can sum it like this: name of that OC, and sometimes after that is followed by description of their job or activity or their personality, and then came something along the line of “their lives changed when she met him”, “can she fall in love with him”, “can she avoids to completely falling in love with this ‘rugged, mysterious but somehow you are the only who can tame him’ guy” or the combination of above. And while not everything is following the exact placement of that format, the gist of it still the same as that.

At first, I tried to stay positive. Maybe it’s just a trend that some authors do unconsciously or no, maybe despite the summary, the actual story would be good. I honestly thought like that, because at that time I am still not that  familiar with how fanfiction actualy works.

But zilch. NADA. Nope. I read them and I am disappointed at the story and how much the time I waste to read that. The first story is okay, the second one is lukewarm at best, and the third and fourth is when I am just fed up with everything and stop.

The conclusion that I got is that most of the plots is same. SAME. The beginning, the middle, the ends, everything is same. Maybe there would be twist in there or there, but what I got from everything is, it’s not a fun things when you read a story and know how it would go and how it ends.

2. Not everything should become romance with the main character.

What I don’t like about OC is how everything they do is compliments towards their love interest, they’re like the person that just so perfect with the love interest, so in tune and similar with their thought that it’s just conclusion that they should be together. I honestly doesn’t like this type because what the authors should try is making character, not perfect partner for the love interest of OC (who usually the main character of the worl that the story based on).

Honestly, this type of things is what make me preferred gen or no romance at all for OC story to read.

3. Most OC with romance is female.

This one is actually personal and some of you would probably thinks it as biased, but I actually prefer OC story with romance with male. Why? Because I like logical and calm character, and most of what authors portrayed the female OC in their works is as hormonal people that’s think with their hormone than their brains (which by the way are not how female actually process of thought is and most of it applied to all gender at their teen pubescence, not just woman in their twenty, or god forbid, thirty to forty.)

And because the some (or at least more than the percentage of female OC) male OC that authors do is logical and calm, I just..read them more than the female one.

This is not to say that I hate female OC story with romance, there are actually some stories that I like and still followed because they are calm and logical and exist in the world with their firm on the ground that doesn’t revolves around the love interest.

So yeah, I know that the reasons above is actually pretty small, just two if you don’t count the third valid reasons. But that’s is actually the biggest and the most immediate one, because honestly speaking I can ignore all the reasons I have as long as it’s not triggering me or doesn’t have that three biggest reasons of why.



My likes

Reading stories, sleep, and watching video.

For genre, I like humor and action. I am actually okay with every genre except incest, harem, and tragedy.

Oh, and happy ending is must for me because my almost motto is, live is shitty enough, you really don’t want to add it with bad ending and tragedy with no end of reprive from the fantasy world.